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Reel Family Stories

Every family has a story to tell; something special and unique to share. Maybe it’s a recipe, a shared special pastime, or a treasured story. This could include:

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Family gatherings

  • “How we met” stories

  • Family traditions

  • And any other story you’d like to save


Reel Family Stories aims to preserve these traditions, stories and memories by making beautiful, heirloom quality digital pieces. We work with your family to shape the story around your history and culture. We will spend time with everyone involved in the project to make sure the story is presented how you wish. In the end, you will have a piece of family history and lore that will be shared for generations to come.


We all have stories that we want to save and share. We are excited to work with you and share these experiences with your family.

The Process


One-on-One Consultation

We will start off by scheduling a meeting to talk about the story you want to preserve. This is a time to share your memories and everything that makes this specific piece of family history special. This helps us get a better picture of what you’re wanting to capture and how we can best execute it on the shoot day.


Gathering Footage

We will then capture footage of your family as you share your special moment together. This may include coverage of every step of a family recipe, candid moments at a family event, and the personal connections made throughout the day. For a higher fee, we will make it a multi-camera shoot with a second camera operator. Once we are done we will pack up and leave you and your family to enjoy the rest of your time together.


Shoot Day

On the day of the shoot we will arrive at your chosen location and start to set up. We will film a few formal interviews which can be done throughout the day.  This will include a proper lighting setup, professional audio capture, all shot on cinema-quality cameras.



Editing will take a couple of weeks to finish. During this time we will share options for music for your approval as well as you have two rounds of input for revisions to get to a final cut. The end product can range from 15-30 minutes depending on your specific production. We will send you a digital version when the project is complete, and we can also send you a DVD if you would like.


Our packages start at $2500 per video. That includes a one person crew that will film with you for the day. Depending on you needs and desired outcome, we can build together a package that works for your film and your budget.

We look forward to meeting your family and learning more about what makes your family unique. It is an honor to get to spend this time with you.

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